When it comes to your custom song, I hope you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in the options below. If there is something else you have in mind, please contact me to discuss.


Instrumental Song

Music is what feelings sound like. And sometimes a piano or guitar can express things that words can not. 

Song with one instrument (piano or guitar) and no vocals

$250 USD


Singer-Songwriter Song

Few things are more authentic than someone singing from the heart with only one instrument to back them up. It’s a campfire tradition that I’m happy to carry on.

Song with vocals + one instrument (piano, guitar, ukulele, etc…)

$500 USD


Band Song

Take one Singer-Songwriter, add another instrument, then add some drums, shake it all up, and just like magic, you now have a band! Coming soon to a garage near you. Rock on!

Song with vocals + two instruments (piano, guitar, uke, bass, etc…) + drums

$650 USD


Radio Song

This is the fully produced package. Your song will sound like it could be on the radio, or in the movies. This is made possible with several layers of instruments and lots of TLC arranging and mixing those extra sounds and effects in the studio. 

Song with vocals (lead and harmonies) + several instruments (acoustic and electronic) + drums + percussion + bass + studio magic

$1100 USD