Questions about your personalized song


How long will it take to finish my song?

Custom songs take about 2 weeks to complete. If you need it sooner, contact me about a rush delivery.


How will I receive my song?

When your custom song is finished, I will send you a link to a personal webpage where you can download the song and lyrics.


What’s the length of a custom song?

Custom songs are generally 2:30-3:30 minutes in length. Typical song form includes Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2, Chorus, Interlude, Chorus. Sometimes there will be a section with new lyrics called a Bridge after the 2nd Chorus. But as a mentor of mine said, “Only add a bridge if there’s a river to cross.” 😉


Can you perform my song at your next show?

I’d love to! Just give a little advance notice and we can make that happen. Check out my Events calendar to see what shows are happening near you. Or better yet, hire me for your private event or house concert and get a front row seat for even more of your favorite songs!


Can you get my custom song on Spotify, Apple Music, etc…

Yes! If you’d like your song to be available on all music streaming services, there is an option for that in the Add-Ons section of this website.


I wrote lyrics for my special person. Can you add music to them?

Yes! I can work with your lyrics/poetry. Contact me with more details and let’s make this collaboration happen!


Can I (sing/play an instrument/add a personal dedication) on the song?

Sounds like fun! I can send you the track, you record yourself singing/playing along with it, you send me the new part you recorded, and then I’ll add it to the mix. Contact me with more details and we’ll work it out.


Who owns the song?

The copyright of a song inherently belongs to the songwriter. However, you will be granted a “personal use license” which allows you to download, share with friends, post on social media, use in a personal video or slide show…pretty much any way you want to use the song, as long as you are not making money with it.


I just received my song. Can you change something about it?

I want you to be completely satisfied and delighted with your custom song. If you hear something that I mispronounced or misinterpreted about your story, I’d be happy to fix it for free. If you’ve changed your mind about the inclusion of certain names or details you provided, or you’ve changed your mind about the style of the song you requested, I’d be happy to fix that as well, though there would be a charge for the extra time involved. If you’ve just thought of more details you’d like to include, there is an option for adding an extra verse to your song on the Add-Ons page.