~Joe Sly~
The Beginning


Once upon a time, there was a little Joey who liked to spin in the middle of the living room, watching the ground go around like a turntable, while his mama spun Beatles and Jackson 5 records on Sunday mornings. This became his Melodic Church of Rhythm and Soul.

In his elementary years, he would practice Chopin or Debussy on the piano one day, and figure out how to play pop songs off the radio the next. The latter proved to be the stuff that really got the kids excited at the ice cream social. 

Teenage years introduced a few crucial elements into his life: guitars and garage bands. This combination proved to be fertile ground for the first seeds of his songwriting.


It was after a tragic car accident in high school left him hospitalized and took a friend’s life, that he began approaching songwriting more seriously and more sensitively, with a renewed priority to make the best of what we have today.

“Music is what feelings sound like, and I tend to write a lot about love and happiness,” says Joe. “When a song expresses positivity, it attracts more positivity to anyone involved, whether they’re singing along or just along for the ride. I think it’s helpful to bring more joy into this world, and I aim do that with my songs.”